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3 Early Menopause Symptoms NeoDIM Can Help

Night sweats, headaches and weight gain, if you’re over the age of 40, you might be experiencing early menopause symptoms. As Mother Nature swings into action and you stop having your period, you are about to face a wide range of menopause side-effects that will likely cause you to feel exhausted, highly irritated and pining for something sweet!

Even though this is a natural biological process, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

At Neogenics, we have developed a powerful dietary supplement to help women going through the menopause regain control of their bodies and lives, and feel themselves once again. Here are three early menopause symptoms that NeoDIM can help. You can thank us later!


1: Extinguish Hot Flashes

Whether you’re sleeping with a fan on all through the night, or you feel suffocated at random times during the day, hot flushes and night sweats are no laughing matter.

As one of the most troubling menopause symptoms, it can feel uncomfortable, frustrating and even embarrassing at times. If you happen to live in a hot climate, feeling an inferno start to take over your body can leave you searching for any remedy to make this symptom stop.

The good news is that dietary supplement NeoDIM, can help to keep hot flashes at bay.

In fact, many of our customers praise NeoDIM for finally ridding them of this annoying early menopause symptom. Perhaps this is why it’s one our top selling products!


2: Dreaded Mood Swings

This particular side-effect of the menopause can also impact your family life. If you’re over the age of 40 and are experiencing significant mood swings, this can often be a tell-tale sign that you’ve hit the menopause.

The problem with a hormonal imbalance is that you can see red at any given moment and for no apparent reason, and this can have a negative effect on relationships. Acting out of character and overreacting is a common menopause symptom.

To take back control of your hormones while going through the menopause, consider using NeoDIM. Specially designed to lower levels of estrogen metabolites, or bad estrogen, in the body, you will hopefully notice that you feel a lot calmer and yourself after taking NeoDIM on a regular basis.


3: Weight Gain and Bloating

Unfortunately, hormones have an incredible amount of power on our diet and as you go through menopause, you may be finding it increasingly difficult to say no to those little treats and mini-indulgences.

Not only will you be more likely to enjoy a couple of treats, but your metabolism will also be changing and sadly slowing down and the higher levels of estrogen in your body will make the thoughts of exercising daunting. A slower metabolism, feeling lazy, and cravings often lead to unwanted weight gain and bloating.

You might also get more breakouts than usual due to the increase in fatty foods. As NeoDIM works hard to balance your hormone levels, you should regain control of your eating habits and feel less sluggish. A combination of NeoDIM and self-motivation will help you to burn off those extra pounds.

We understand how difficult and isolating it can feel to go through menopause, especially alone, but there are things that you can do to make it a little easier. Find out more about how NeoDIM can help you treat your menopause symptoms by visiting our website: neogenics.com.

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