A Message from Our Founder

Neogenics isn’t just a supplement company.
Simply put, we help people be their best self.
We do that through uncompromising nutrition products and a rewarding, compelling and FUN experience. Why? We want to make a difference in other people’s lives because we know what it means to struggle with poor health and what it means to enjoy wellness.
Maybe in some ways you can say we’re paying it forward. Although life has had a lot of ups and downs for the people behind Neogenics, the ups have strongly outweighed the downs. Because we’ve reached it ourselves, we are eager to lift people to a higher level and show them a better path.
What we do is all about people. As we design our products, that's what's on our mind. Our products support weight management in a whole new way, because everyone is different. We know there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, so we've created hormone support and mental health support to enhance your work on your goals. So many of our Customers report that Neogenics products have made a difference where other products didn’t, which is the highest praise we could ever hear. But, we’re not surprised. Because we choose to use the best, scientifically validated ingredients at efficacious levels, this is what we expect. No one will beat on us product quality.
But most importantly, we're about relationships. How? By making you a better person and helping you focus on what matters most, giving you the confidence you need. With your health on a path to improvement, it’s easier to be more intentional about bringing value to connections you have with friends and family. People are natural sharers. And as social media proves, we have an innate desire to share the good things we find, and to also provide a solution when someone asks, “Who has a protein shake they love?”
At Neogenics, we have a bold vision for where we’re going and what we will accomplish.
We invite you to come along for the ride!
Kevin Early
Founder & Visionary

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