Ask Your Doctor

We know Neogenics supplements do some great things for people. Even in our short history, we’ve already seen powerful testimonials from our Customers, and knowing our products make a difference is highly gratifying.
Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that feeling better than you have felt in years is not a good reason to stop taking any medications unless specifically directed to do so by your doctor. You should always take prescription drugs according to your physician’s directions, and you should never stop using a medication without specific instruction to do so.  
If you want to know if a certain Neogenics product is compatible with a medication, ask your doctor! He or she can best advise you. From our experience, physicians are often quite impressed with our formulations (as they should be 😊). Also, our product instructions refer to using them as directed by a physician because, if you make your doctor aware of what you are using, he or she can give you appropriate guidance.  
People use accountants to help with taxes because of their expertise and knowledge. It makes sense to seek the same kind of expertise from a healthcare professional. On that subject, we want to remind our Neogenics fans and family to listen carefully to your doctor. Because there is serious science behind our products, using them is likely to help you feel better. We also encourage wise lifestyle choices, and that will improve how you feel as well.

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