Four Fun Fall Festivities

Happy fall, y'all! Hard to believe we are here already, and hard to think about some of our favorite fall fun in our 2020 state. But rest assured, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the season and practice safe social-distancing. Here are four of our favorites!


Host a Soup Exchange


Tis the season for this wonderful, warm comfort food. Now imagine your freezer full of yummy options you can warm and eat anytime! Invite friends to participate, then determine how many soup meals (each serves 4) each participant should prepare: if you have 10 participants, everyone makes 10 soup meals (they will keep 1  and "exchange" the other 9). Share any dietary considerations, and ask for participants to share their choice of soup to prevent duplicates. Suggest for soups to be packaged in double-bagged gallon freezer bags and frozen prior to the exchange. Then meet up in your backyard one afternoon for cider and snacks, and exchange soups with each other!


Go to your local Farmer's Market


It's harvest time and it's guaranteed your Farmer's Market has some amazing produce to share. These markets are a great way to support local and get the best quality in fresh groceries.

Take advantage of local flavors and varieties, and remember that options change with the seasons, so there's always something new. Many markets now offer local meats, cheeses and breads from vendors as well. Most are outdoors, so safe  social-distancing can be observed. Of course, you can pick up your fall pumpkins while you're there this month!


Complete a 5K


With cool temps, and sunny skies, it's the perfect time to sign up for a 3.1 mile weekend adventure. Most are virtual this year but still offer a chance to reap the benefits without the large crowds. Look for a race that supports worthy cause in your area to make your registration fee go further. Invite a friend to sign up with you and put together a plan to get ready for your miles using the Couch to 5K app. Walk, run, skip - it doesn't matter, just have fun finishing, then celebrate your accomplishment!


Host a Scavenger Hunt


Kids in the neighborhood, families from your community, or adults-only, this is a fun experience every time. You're all working towards completing the same list of mini adventures and discoveries, but each person or group will have their own unique experience to share. And the beautiful thing - it's social-distance-friendly. Come up with 8-10 tasks. Use phones to take pictures or videos of each task (these will come in handy for years to come). Stay in touch during the hunt through a group text in Messenger or What's App. If you're feeling extra ambitious as the coordinator, visit each site  prior to the  start and plant hints or prizes for those who get there first. Then celebrate at the end with a meet up at a park or backyard!



Which will you add to your fall fun this year? What other ways to you celebrate the season?  No matter which ways  you choose, we hope you enjoy a safe and healthy season.


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