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You do what you can for your health and wellness, like avoiding carbs, taking the stairs and adding fiber to your diet. But as the years and miles pile up and it seems harder and harder to eat right (and feel good), you need a little help.
We understand. After all, “Nutrition” is part of our name. We formulate innovative, best in class nutritional products to help you bridge the gaps in your diet and get the “more” your cells and body need. And, whipping up products isn’t a hobby or “side project” for us. It’s what we do, and we’re passionate about it.
Because we understand, because we know what it’s like to struggle with poor health, we formulate our products without compromise on quality. And yes, we say that everywhere because it’s bedrock for us. While other companies try to squeeze every dime of margin out of their products with mediocre ingredients, we will only use ingredients validated by peer-reviewed, scientific studies and always in sufficient amounts to be effective.
For example, when making a protein shake, you can choose soy, casein or whey. If you choose whey, the options include concentrate, hydrolysate or isolate. Concentrate is the most common type, and not coincidentally the cheapest. We use whey protein isolate (WPI)...just sayin’.
In short, we formulate our products as if the people we love most need and use them (which, of course, they do!). Additionally, because of our direct sales business model, we actually know our Customers and frequently interact with them. We’ve invested too much time, money and effort earning their trust to do anything to break it, like by producing subpar or even average supplements.
And when you think about it, they’re called supplements because the idea is they add to or complement what we get (or should get) from our diet. Even when using supplements, it’s important to maintain a sensible diet. Supplementing a steady course of frozen pizza, potato chips, donuts and fast food won’t get you very far.
We want to be more than just a glorified nutrition store. We want to foster a broad culture of health and wellness and this blog will help in areas central to living a healthy life—eating well, being active, establishing good habits, proactively seeking and using solid information, and more. Neogenics can be a primary resource for you because this blog will be a place to find:
· Delicious, healthy recipes
· Exercise tips for the average Jane and Joe
· Nutrition guidance
· The latest ideas on protecting your health
· Guidance on making your relationships stronger than ever
Taken as a whole, this blog will support you in the three areas we focus on: weight balance, hormone balance and mental balance and make the “whole person” the best it can be.
Derek Holm
Chief Operating Officer
Lead Formulator

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