Weight Loss: Start with a Kitchen Clean out

Know WHY you're cleaning out
You've made the decision to start, but here's the first step in that commitment. Your kitchen can be a help or a hinderance to your goals, and knowing where you're headed is a must for this effort. Start your clean-out by identifying your goals - what is your ideal weight, health or fitness result? This clean-out empowers and equips you to get there.
Know WHAT to throw away
Yes-and-no lists are a great tool when we’re deciding what in our pantry to pitch. Some foods, like raw nuts, olive oil, and even certain sweeteners may be totally fine, so we're not talking about a complete clean-out. Instead, we can determine what needs to be dumped and whether it needs to be replaced with a healthier alternative. For instance, you may want to replace vegetable oil with coconut oil or avocado oil, depending on the application.
The benefits of "cold turkey" (no, not the Thanksgiving kind)
If we’ve identified that going "cold turkey" is the approach that yields the best and fastest results, this is likely the best way to tackle cleaning out our pantry. That jolt may be enough to completely knock you out of old habits, allowing health improvements to appear much more quickly.
If you choose this approach, you can throw out all the old junk in your pantry or donate it, all at once. Then head to the store to restock with new alternatives. You might consider going with just the bare necessities and try cooking most of your food fresh. It's a little more work, but you’ll notice the biggest difference with this approach!
"This program was simple and less pills than other plans I have tried. I had much more energy and less cravings on this plan. It motivated me to exercise more and watch what I was eating. I overall enjoyed the product and would recommend to others." - S. Herman

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