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    NeoFiber is a premium, natural solution to help you find intestinal and mental balance.  The clinically studied ingredients in NeoFiber not only support a healthy intestinal tract and colon but also help boost cognitive function.*

    NeoFiber isn't your normal fiber product.  NeoFiber has the clinically studied prebiotic medical grade fiber called SunFiber®.  This powerful ingredient promotes healthy digestion without the excess gas and bloating side effects that usually come with other fiber products.  As SunFiber® helps promote healthy digestion, it's also works as a prebiotic, selectively feeding only the good bacteria you already have in your gut.  Plus, it's crystal clear and tasteless once it dissolves!*

    NeoFiber also includes Suntheanine®, a clinically studied form of L-theanine, that helps balance stress levels and promote mental clarity.*

    NeoFiber, along with all Neogenics products, is manufactured in a cGMP Certified Facility to ensure the highest quality for our customers.